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The Record Keeper

As President of The Faith Geek, I have the opportunity to speak with people all over the county. I am usually working out advertising deals, or story ideas, and sometimes fielding complaints from other Christians who don’t necessarily agree with what we are doing or how we are doing it. Then, every once in a while, I am introduced to something that really gets me excited, and yesterday happened to be one of those times.

I was speaking to our sales rep at Wizard World, getting things set up for Ohio ComicCon, when he started talking to me about a project that a friend of his did. This project was a movie about angels, and it was all in steampunk. He said the movie was called The Record Keeper, and that I needed to check it out when I got home. I did, and I was instantly hooked! The minute and a half teaser had me wanting more, but I still didn’t know anything else about the project. I started my research. I reached out to the production company, and the director, in hopes of setting up an interview. Then I found episode one. Yes! It was awesome! Talk about combining two things that I love the most: geekiness and religion. This is it, and this is it in a good way, not the overly pushy way that some “religious” movies tend to be.

If you are a fan of The Faith Geek, you know that we don’t care for your typical Christian movie. They are overly pushy and evangelistic, and the quality is typically poor. So you know that when I give my stamp of approval, it means it’s a pretty good film, and The Record Keeper is great! Unfortunately, as with anything that does not fit into a neat little box branded as “orthodox Christian”, there is controversy surrounding this film and its ultimate release.

The Record Keeper is sponsored by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and it is basedoff of The Great Controversy (an Adventist book that deals with the Great Controversybetween Jesus and Satan), and it appears that this movie has stirred up its owncontroversy. What is a perfect tool for Evangelism seems to have lost some of itssupport from The Seventh Day Adventist Church. It seems that the hierarchy of thechurch does not approve of the movie, even after the movie has met their strict scrutiny during preproduction and received rave reviews from the viewers who have had the privilege to screen it.

Unfortunately, with any new wave in the church, no matter how much good it does and no matter how many people it brings to salvation, there are going to be people who do not approve of it. Change is hard, and this seems to be one of those cases where the younger generation is struggling to find their place in a church that holds true to tradition. It would be very sad if this film never saw the light of day. It could be used as an evangelistic tool to reach thousands, if not more. I like it personally because it does what we at The Faith Geek are trying to do, and that is reach into a culture of people who have had nothing but bad experiences with Christians.

I would encourage you to check out The Record Keeper episode 1. It is available at this link, and if you like it, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. This is one of those projects that really could make a difference in the church world, and all of us should be supporting them!

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