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Home Television Lydia Hearst Says Husband Chris Hardwick Will Return To TV Soon

Lydia Hearst Says Husband Chris Hardwick Will Return To TV Soon

Lydia Hearst wife of Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick, says he will be back on television soon following an investigation the couple are “both extremely optimistic about.”

“He’s doing very well right now and I can only speak from my own experience, where the man I married was not the man who was written about in that article,” Hearst told Variety in an interview at San Diego Comic-Con, where she was promoting her new Z Nation character Pandora.

“I’ve known him to be nothing less than absolutely loving, compassionate, supportive, not just to myself, but to everyone he knows and works with. He’s just a genuinely good man with a good heart. I can honestly say without a doubt that he will be getting back to what he loves very soon.”

Hardwick’s relationship with AMC was suspended after Chloe Dykstra, Hardwick’s ex-girlfriend, wrote an article for Mediumdetailing alleged blacklisting as well as sexual and emotional abuse that she suffered over the course of her three-year relationship with Hardwick.AMC immediately distanced themselves from Hardwick during its investigation of Dykstra’s allegations. Leaving many fans angry and disappointed at how fast AMC would abandon Hardwick, without even concluding it’s investigation. Hardwick stepped aside from panel hosting duties for both The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead at San Diego Comic-Con and was replaced by Yvette Nicole Brown, a frequent Talking Dead guest, and fan favorite, who was also tapped to serve as interim host on the live show when it returns August 12.

“His shows were only put on hiatus, and there is an investigation underway, which we’re both extremely optimistic about,” Hearst said. “I think fans can expect to see him back on the air soon, maybe hopefully back at Comic-Con next year.”


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