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Disney’s Christopher Robin Review

Last night I posted to Facebook in regards to Disney’s Christopher Robin, that “I Loved every minute of it.” and “If you have not seen this movie yet, do yourself a favor and buy a ticket.” Disney’s Christopher Robin was all I hoped for and then some. It is a movie, that in the midst of some much anger and hate in our country, breathes a breath of fresh air and reminds of us of what is truly important in our lives. Maybe it was the nostalgia, having grown up with Pooh being such an important part of my childhood, and now being able to share him with my children. Maybe it was the reminder that the movie gives us to slow down and enjoy life. Or maybe it was a combination of both of these, the fact that a character that I loved growing up who taught me to be adventurous, and to enjoy life, was now doing the same for my children, because of this I can honestly say that Disney’s Christopher Robin is the must see family movie of the year.

Disney’s Christopher Robin is a movie that will have you laughing one minute and crying the next. It is a movie about never growing up beyond the point of having fun, and it is a movie about priorities. Often times we take for granted those around us, leaving our loved ones to ask, like Roo in all of his innocence, “What’s a Madeline? Is she more important than your case of important things?” In other words, what is important to you? Is it your family and friends or is it your career?

Disney’s Christopher Robin is exactly what we need to allow us to be reminded of what is important to us. My only hope is that people will heed its message and once again put focus back on the family and off of the many things that distract us.


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