About The Faith Geek

What is The Faith Geek? The Faith Geek was a project that was developed by two friends in the heart of North East Ohio who love everything geeky. What started as a blog that had maybe 10-20 readers, grew into what we are today: force in the geek community to be reckoned with! The Faith Geek attributes it growth and success to the fact that we are first and foremost devoted to being a light to those in the geek community. Yes we are Christian, but no it is not our goal to convert anyone, no we don’t judge you because of the different fandoms that you belong to, and yes we are going to love you no matter what!

After our first year we grew to the point of having several blogs, podcasts and vlogs, but as we grew, we began to lose focus on what was important and we were spread pretty thin. This caused several members of our team to retire from The Faith Geek. Leaving it as a one man show. Still committed to seeing the project thrive, The Faith Geek…AKA Brent Whetstone, kept the blog and podcast alive, and then the great tragedy of 2016 struck. While away on vacation, the blog was hacked and taken off line and the archives of the blog erased. So Brent took some time off to mourn, regroup and set a goal for bringing it back in 2017. So here we are, with the new and improved Faith Geek website.

At The Faith Geek, we are committed to bringing you the latest in pop culture from a Christian perspective. The latest movie, television and streaming reviews. As well as the weekly Faith Geek Podcast.

A little bit about Brent. Brent is a Theology student at the Catholic Distance University where he is finishing his Bachelors degree, a husband and father of five. He writes and podcasts in his spare time in the Geek Den, located somewhere in North East Ohio, well hidden from all the DC villains. When not at work you can usually find him at the church working on his latest project, or traveling to the families favorite destination: Washington DC.